Aga & Rayburn Servicing - Independent Service Engineers for Aga Cookers & Rayburn Cookers

Routine maintenance will ensure the reliability and optimum performance of your appliance. Aga cookers must be inspected and the burner cleaned at pre-set intervals in the interest of safety and economic performance.

Having trained at Telford we are independent service engineers for Aga cooker service and cooker servicing specialists and as an authorised Rayburn Guild Engineer, our services are of the highest standard and fully insured. We have the backing and technical support when needed of Aga Rayburn, supplying and fitting only genuine Aga Rayburn parts if needed.

Regular Aga cooker servicing will reduce the risk of Aga breakdowns, If you need advice or have an Aga cooker problem call us today.

  • Clean and decarbonise burner
  • Inspect shells on burner
  • Renew burner wicks
  • Check flue ways (where applicable)
  • Check controls for operation
  • Check oil feed pipe condition
  • Check burner levels
  • Check for clean combustion
  • Check safety devices
  • Confirm correct Oil fuel rates IF NECESSARY
  • Rayburn 400 series Oil (Standard) Service
  • Remove, clean and inspect cooker and boiler burners
  • Brush and clean heat exchangers
  • Check flue ways and fans
  • Check ignition leads and electrodes
  • Check electrical controls
  • Check oil burner pressure
  • Check electrical controls
  • Replace oil flex hoses & gaskets
  • Flue gas analysis
  • Inspect for fuel leaks

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